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Mammography systems use low-energy x-rays to examine the human breast and detect the early presence of breast cancer. A mammography used to check breast cancer in women with no symptoms of the disease is called a screening mammogram, while checking for breast cancer in the presence of a lump or other symptoms is called a diagnostic mammogram.

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Updated list of approved equipment. 3 October 2019. Updated list of approved breast screening equipment. 17 June 2019. Updated list of approved equipment. 12 April 2019. Amended status of .

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Digital breast tomosynthesis mammography (DBT) is one technology being developed to improve detection and characterization of breast lesions especially in women with non-fatty breasts. In this technique, ple projection images are reconstructed allowing visual review of thin breast sections offering the potential to unmask cancers obscured by normal tissue located above and below the lesion.

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Although digital mammography systems have become commercially available, they have not yet replaced conventional film/screen systems because of their increased cost, the need for a digital archiving system, and the fact that, other than logistical improvement, digital mammography has not been shown to be better at detecting breast cancer than conventional mammograms (see "Digital Mammography

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Equipment Optimization & Maintenance Services ... Siemens mammography systems mark a new era in breast care imaging offering uncompromised image quality, up to 30% lower dose, greater patient comfort, and improved clinical and administrative workflow. Digital Mammography Systems.

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We compared the diagnostic accuracy of the types of mammography equipment by analyzing the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUC) with a 95% confidence interval (CI); performance indicators, including recall rate, cancer detection rate (CDR), positive predictive value 1 (PPV 1), sensitivity, specificity, and interval cancer rate (ICR); and the types of breast cancer ...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Breast Imaging News Go to Breast Imaging News 1 Compared to grid-based acquisition with Mammomat Inspiration, depending on breast thickness – L.B. Larsen, A. Fieselmann, H. Pfaff, T. Mertelmeier: Performance of grid-less digital mammography acquisition technique for breast screening: analysis of 22,117 examinations Presentation B-1025 ECR 2015

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With mammography equipment the tube housing is more compact than a standard X-ray tube (Fig. 15.6). The lower kV p employed is a favourable factor in permitting a smaller tube housing. Both high-tension cables enter the tube housing via the anode end to avoid patient contact.

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